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Words of Praise

For over 15 years, ADP has been using writing courses from LR Communications. Hundreds of ADP associates are writing more productively as a result. LR's self-study course offers us the best combination of convenience and reinforcement that we've seen.
Norm Smith, Director of Training Delivery - ADP

Absolutely awesome. Not just because I was praised sometimes, but because it really told me the truth about my writing.
Barnabas Nagy, Design Engineer - GE Lighting

Wendi: I appreciate your quick evaluation. Again, I appreciate your comments; they have been a tremendous help to me. Over the years Iíve taken a few courses in business writing, and this one has been the most helpful by far. Oh and for sure, if I have any questions in the future I will reach out to you. Thanks again. Itís been a pleasure!
J. Kinard, Service Support Specialist - ADP

Barbara was extremely helpful in changing my outlook on writing. She was very constructive in not only pointing out mistakes, but she also gave me ways to correct them. I couldn't praise her enough. She seemed to really care . . . and showed me that writing wasn't as difficult as I thought it to be.
Lawrence Jensen, Associate Scientist - Hoffman-LaRoche

Because I was an English major in college, initially I felt you could teach me nothing. Boy, was I wrong. I hate to sound as if I am an employee of your company with all my praise, but I really feel that this is the best course I have had since college. I thank you.
Jerry Acuff, Division Manager - Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals

Thank you for all your constructive comments, criticisms, and commendations. You've helped improve my writing and contributed to its overall impact on a reader.
Faraz Ali, GE Medical Systems - France

Absolutely objective. Very encouraging. Because I'm not a native English writer I really took the critiques seriously. I had a lot to improve.
Adam Nagy, Program Manager - GE Lighting-Hungary

I learned a great deal in a short period of time. I enjoyed the one-on-one student/evaluator communication and the ability to pace my work.
Mildred Rivera, Prudential

My evaluator was great. I found all her suggestions extremely helpful. It was obvious she had really taken a close look at my writing.
Tom S. Levin, GE Aircraft Engines

I found the course to be very helpful with my career. Thank you for one of the most dynamic courses I will probably ever take.
Jeffery J. Heath, Assistant Division Manager - Lorillard

My writing has improved - thank you! I received a better response from my team!
Danielle Sluga, GE Lighting

I have really enjoyed this course! You have given me a lot of information I will use throughout my career here at ITT. Thank you.
Carrie Karasch, ITT

Excellent course. It was well-developed and I received feedback in a timely manner.
Julie Croft, Office of Thrift Supervision

My writing is more focused and to the point. The comments and feedback were on target and valuable.
Leah Giulianetti, GE Capital

I had reservations about a correspondence course, but I was proven wrong. The evaluations were precise, helpful, and detailed. I received plenty of praise also.
Linda M. O'Hara, Assistant District Loan Officer - Marine Midland Bank

Rose can be critical and still be very tactful. She always gave a better example instead of saying that weak areas existed. I have already suggested to our training department that all six district managers in my region also be enrolled.
Harold Anderson, Regional Sales Manager - Carter Wallace

I thoroughly enjoyed your class! . . . The course materials are excellent . . . You're a real professional and an excellent teacher.
Lynn DeVenezia-Tobias, Hoffman-LaRoche

I find that my thoughts flow more freely on paper. Using the skills I've learned in this course will most definitely improve my writing. I will recommend this course to my boss and suggest that everyone in my area take it.
Balwent Singh, Accountant - New York Life Insurance Company

Mr. Max was fabulous in his presentation. I enjoyed every minute and learned so much.
Vija Spraque, Hoechst-Celanese

This course has taught me how to plan, think, and organize what I want to say to my reader . . . how to get my message across.
Anonymous, Port Authority of NY & NJ

I am excited about the things I've learned in this course. I believe that I will be able to reduce my thinking time and surely my writing time, as I now know how to focus my efforts . . . and I would highly recommend the course to anyone who relies on written communication.
Nicholas Scardino, Credit Analyst - Midlantic National Bank

I wanted you to know that your coaching has already been a tremendous help to me. Your text, video tape, and your criticism method was an outstanding learning experience.
Alexander L. Berlin, Senior Account Manager - Hoechst-Celanese

I thought that the instructor was excellent, offered good criticism and good ideas on how to improve.
Brian Michlich, Auditor Summit Bancorp

Obvious extensive experience (the instructor) but not pedantic. Tough, but I really feel I've accomplished something. Good teacher, excellent example.
Thasia Woodworth, Hoffmann-LaRoche

I have been using the six building blocks in my daily writing activities. I have started seeing the positive returns through using them. My writing is getting my readers' attention and I'm getting the results I want. This course is absolutely worth the time and its value is immeasurable. It's really helped me in my professional development.
Daniel Nguyen, Tooling Engineer - GE Power Systems