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Writing skills will shine with an occasional polish—ensure your chosen words continue to reflect your thoughts clearly and concisely as time goes on and responsibilities shift.

As a result of this program, students will:

  • Revisit LR's "building blocks" and fine-tune their written voice
  • Continue their one-on-one rapport with their original evaluator, whenever possible
  • Maintain their focus on the keys to effective writing, regardless of delivery method or purpose

What makes our Refresh! course different?

Our original course provides the foundation for your effective written communication skills, and Refresh! keeps your skills sharp. Instead of five units of text and assignments, you'll send us one document each month. Your evaluator will provide you with the kind of thoughtful, targeted feedback you need to continue honing your writing skills on an as-needed basis.

Course content

The document's purpose is up to you! Send us a memo, letter, or report you believe is important, and we'll remind you about how the Six Building Blocks can help you communicate most effectively.

The benefits remain the same as before:

  • It's economical
  • Instruction is direct, confidential, and tailored to your needs
  • You have the option to choose how many months of Refresh! you want or need

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