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Corporate Services

In working with corporate clients for over 48 years, we've learned a thing or two about making our courses easy to administer.

Here are some of the services we currently offer. If you don't see what you want or need, just ask.

Promotional Materials:

  • Catalog descriptions in a variety of formats and lengths
  • Online/intranet descriptions
  • Program announcements
  • Program descriptions in hardcopy or e-mail

Administrative Support:

  • Online enrollment for your students
  • Program confirmation letters
  • Reports detailing students' progress (available online for our clients with 100 or more students)
  • Follow-up letters for students enrolled in our guided self-studyTM programs
  • Billing options to suit your needs
  • Invoices detailing chargeback accounts

Volume Discounts:

Once you enroll more than 100 students a year in our guided self-studyTM programs, your corporation is charged independently of the number that enroll in a particular session. You get the discount without having to worry about who's enrolling when.

To view our fee schedule, click here: Fees